Bucknell Digital Scholarship Conference 2016

Pre-Conference Workshop Crossing Borders Summit

Bucknell University, with generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, hosted its third annual digital scholarship conference October 28-30, 2016. The theme for the conference was “Negotiating Borders through Digital Collaboration.”

Many conference presentations touched upon projects and research that described collaborations that cross departmental or disciplinary boundaries. Yet, many of us know that too often those involved in supporting digital scholarship efforts on our campuses struggle to tear down the walls and silos that have developed in and amongst our own departments, divisions and teams as well. We often find ourselves asking: Where does digital scholarship live? Does it matter where digital scholarship lives? Are institutions duplicating positions or expecting departments to do the work often done in another area? How are librarians, instructional technologists, and other digital scholarship professionals working to break down barriers between and amongst one another?

The “Crossing Borders” Preconference Summit aimed to tackle those challenges head on. Over the course of three days prior to the start of the “Negotiating Borders” Conference, participants in the Summit discussed both the challenges and opportunities that exist for cross-departmental collaboration between librarians, instructional technologists, and those who support digital scholarship programs at our respective colleges and universities. Through both small and large group conversations and activities, participants worked towards producing the Scholarboration Wiki to support the broader digital scholarship community.

Summit Facilitators:
Jon Breitenbucher, Director of Educational Technology, The College of Wooster
Matt Gardzina, Director of Digital Pedagogy & Scholarship, Bucknell University
Lisa McFall, Metadata and Digital Initiatives Librarian, Hamilton College

Leigh Bonds, The Ohio State University
Bess de Farber, University of Florida
Meredith Goldsmith, Ursinus College
Daniel Lynds, St. Norbert College
Emily McGinn, University of Georgia
Jody Perkins, Miami University
Jennifer Roth-Burnette, The University of Alabama
Cynthia Tomes, Messiah College
Lisa Villa, College of the Holy Cross

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